A Weekend Surprise

On Saturday, despite windy and chilly conditions, we told Sweet Potato that we had a surprise for her. She thought we were going to get ice cream or eat at a restaurant. Then we pulled into the parking lot at Toys R Us. Coupon in hand, we went in and purchased a tricycle!

Little did we know that Toys R Us was hosting a Lego Friends build that morning as well. Since there weren't many little girls in the store, Tabitha got to build a wishing well. Definitely taking after her daddy, she pulled the correct pieces and assembled the little set with minimal help from us. Apparently, all those hours watching Daddy build are paying off. She also received a paper play mat, and a little baggie with a key chain, note pad, and sticker. Honestly, she thought that activity was the surprise.

When we got home, she immediately took her yellow race car and zoomed it around the play mat. Then it was time to get down to business assembling her bike. There was cheering Daddy on as he tightened screws and comments of "let's get this done". Once it was ready for riding, shouts of, "Here comes Tabitha!" followed by the shrill clanging of an old school bike bell could be heard through the neighborhood. She loves it and we know she'll get lots of use of it especially as warm weather arrives...right after our snow storm today.

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