March Date Night

After squeezing in February's dates because our month was so full, we hoped to plan March's dates earlier in the month. Funny, next to coming up with dates, scheduling is proving the second hardest obstacle. No doubt this is why we've gotten discouraged in the past, but March's dates are too fun to not pursue.

Couple's massage & dinner at Chalit's Thai Bistro
Collect all of our passwords, bank info, etc. for emergencies

This month is definitely the most expensive date month. However, the money for the entire year of dates was set aside prior to the gift being given (yeah!). Plus, we've been saying that we'd like to have a massage for a couple years now. The good food and the lovely massage were awesome! Dinner used a gift certificate that Sweet Potato gave us at Christmas. The waitress said it was the sweetest gift certificate she had seen in a long time. We agreed! A huge THANK YOU to my parents for keeping little girl while we played.

Our second date has been rescheduled a couple times. However, we're still hopeful it will happen before the month is out. As a couple, we've been attempting to gather emergency supplies/preparedness items for a couple years now. This little chore is almost all that remains. We both think we can knock it out in an hour... here's hoping because while I'll be happy to check it off I really don't want to do it. :-)

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