The Bible Tells Us...

Lately, we've been hearing a lot of stories from our Sweet Potato. Bible stories and spiritual comments that aren't always accurate but are stated with a childish innocence that I think God truly appreciates.

  • "The Bible tells us, God tells us, don't be afraid."
  • Tabitha's version of the prodigal son: "The Bible tells us, when Jesus ran away from his father, he went and ate with the pigs. He was afraid of the pigs. When he came home, he had a biiig party."
  • "I run fast like God."
  • "The Bible tells us, obey George. Do not disobey." Told to her monkey in the car, I'm not sure what sparked the thought, but it was a pretty eery impression of us!
  • "I can do all fings Christ who strengths me." 

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