Pickle and Sweet Potato

One of the most commonly asked questions we've received since announcing our new venture is, "Does Sweet Potato know?" She was actually the third person to know (me being first, David second). Unless someone prompts her, she won't readily mention Pickle. That is not to say that she doesn't have affection for her sibling and my growing bump. Quite the contrary. She enjoys talking to Pickle, rubbing her head on my belly, and tickling Pickle. However, she will initially talk about the pretend baby growing in her belly before getting to Pickle. And yes, she calls it Pretend Baby Lucy Flower (strongly influenced by what our neighbor girls called their baby sister in utero).

What I've found incredibly fascinating is the bonding of these two siblings. If Tabitha cries during the night from a nightmare, Pickle immediately wakes up and will not stop thumping my sides or bladder until either Tabitha settles on her own or I crawl in bed with her. Then Tabitha will curl her legs around my belly and Pickle nestles back to sleep. It's wild!

Have any of you experienced something like this? We are firm believers in talking to and "including" Pickle in our family even now, but I never expected there to be quite this strong a response. It's exciting to anticipate what the future relationship between Pickle and Sweet Potato will be like.

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