Hodgey-Podgy, Part II

When I'm not working on home improvement/redecorating type things, I've been knitting, prepping for Pickle's arrival (although, not as much as I should) and sorting out details for starting homeschooling next year. There never seems to be a shortage of things demanding my attention. I need vacation. David needs vacation. Tabitha needs to build a sandcastle, have early morning romps on the promenade, and receive a little extra loving from members of her family that are not her parents! Cape May come quickly!

Since yarn-love closed I've been surprisingly active in the knitting department. Honestly, I thought I'd take more of a hiatus, but an opportunity fell into my lap that I couldn't resist. When Sweet Potato was born, my dear friend L came and took magnificent newborn shots. Another friend K did the same thing. We were so blessed. With Pickle, those options just weren't going to be available. L is on the West Coast for the summer (lucky!) and K just had her second little one. Newborn pictures are not high on my priority list, but I thought it would be nice for keepsakes.

Enter David's former co-worker. She connected me with a burgeoning photographer named Danielle Bostic who was looking for someone to make newborn props. We agreed to barter. She gets newborn props. I get newborn pictures. Here is a little look at the projects I've been doing. Please note: several buttons and embellishments are missing.

Poor Pickle. It's so true that the second child gets less attention than the first. For our dear one it's started already. I'm trying not to fall into the mommy guilt trap, but sometimes I do wish I had more brain power to invest in this pregnancy, to think and wonder about what kind of child will soon join us. Unfortunately, it really hasn't happened. There are several reasons, but namely I'm chasing a 2 1/2 year old for 14 hours a day. The newborn neutral clothes are washed, the cloth diapers are assembled, and the baby's hospital bag is packed. So I guess on some fronts I'm as prepared as ever.

One of my major projects which I have slated for after vacation is to get our homeschooling items together. I'll share more on why we are going to homeschool, how we think we'll pursue it, and other sundry details soon. Until then I really must fold laundry and knit another hat.


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