Oh Sweet Potato!

This girl. Oh this girl. She is full of so much life! This story is really for my own preservation, but if you need a laugh, it should deliver.

Background-- Over the past year, she has attended a local church's Wednesday evening program. We don't attend this church, but have been so pleased with their curriculum and love for our girl that we are sad to see Kid's Club end for the year. As a final end of the year celebration they held a family dinner, all of the kids participated in a short program, and then we had ice cream. It was lovely.

The Program-- Tabitha's class (2-3 year olds) were up first. The kids all stood at the front of the sanctuary. They sang a song, while Tabitha stuffed her fingers in her mouth and occasionally did the hand motions. Then they spoke their bible verse and incorporated signs/hand motions. Tabitha never said a word but signed with great gusto.

The Pew-- As soon as they were done, the kiddos headed back to sit with their parents. My parents were gracious and came to see and celebrate with Tabitha. Of course she couldn't decide who she wanted to sit with: Dearpa, Daddy or Dearma. Try as we might her little body would not stay in the seat. When our neighbor girl's class stood to present their song and verse, Tabitha practically shouted, "There's Maddy!" Then she discovered the pens. She was engrossed by them and commented (loudly) that we had the same ones at home (which we don't). This was followed by her asking to twirl. We said no.

The Icing on the Cake--  Meanwhile, as class after class presents their memory work, Tabitha goes back to studying the pew pens, except that whenever the audience claps for the kids on stage our daughter takes a sweeping bow complete with hands clasped behind back and forehead on her knees. As soon as the clapping stopped she went back to pen study. Try as we might to encourage proper behavior this little routine was repeated over and over and over again. Our chairs may or may not have been shaking with laughter.

I can only imagine what future stories I'll have to share. She's a live wire this little bundle of joy!

P.S. At one point she precariously sat on her knees on the edge of the chair holding onto the back of the chair in front of her. David quickly put is arms around her to help her sit back. She firmly and loudly stated, "I got this Daddy." Amazingly she did.

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