What we've been up to or better known as: Hodgey-Podgey

I realize that the blog has been rather quiet lately. Rest assured that our lives have not. We've been doing home improvement projects, spending time with family and attempting to live life fully.

Speaking of home improvement... It's just this side of consuming our lives.

Our Sweet Potato almost has a completely personalized room. When we moved her into the guest room at 15 months we didn't take time to do any redecorating. Sadly, until last month she was still living in a pretty, but bland room. No longer! We've got curtains in the works, a rug to order, new Tabitha specific art work hanging and she has a new (old) bed. I can't wait to give you a tour of the finished project. Give me a couple more weeks. Several items came from yarn-love and have been a beautiful way for me to introduce new life into T's room and to carry a tangible part of the shop with us. [Thanks Pam!]

While I wrap up Sweet Potato's new room, we're also starting on a redecoration project in the living room. We want to have more seating, make it more of a reading, writing, family conversation space--rather than having the focus on the TV (which is actually moving to the basement). Plus, we are too old for the couch we have. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it has zero support. When Sweet Potato was an infant, I spent hours nursing on it's overly comfy cushions. I refuse to relive the back pain with Pickle. So off to the furniture store(s) we'll be going to look for a new couch, a reclining chair, and potentially a love seat or second chair. I've also got plans to have some side tables, use the lamps we received for our wedding nearly 8 years ago (ahem!) and doctor an IKEA bench for shoe storage. Oh and we're finally going to hang pictures. We've only been in the house 7 years, but I think it's time to put some memories on the walls--especially now that we have a better understanding at what we enjoy looking.

Other home improvement projects on the docket for the upcoming weeks: New windows throughout the entire house, and a basement remodel. These projects will overlap with the living room and with Pickle's debut. Yes, we're crazy. However, I can't think of nicer "strangers" to be sharing our first few weeks with Pickle then Joe and Dave, our contractors extraordinaire. They are responsible for the awesome job at my folks house a year ago. There are all sorts of new, fun, and oh-so-happy goings on about to take place in the basement. Check back for updates and photos!

Before all this fun can start, there is lots of schelpping stuff to the attic (from the basement), sorting, purging, and reorganizing. David had a Lego sorting party with his Lego friends. While they made amazing progress, a second sorting "party" was graciously given to us by David's Men's Group. His collection of 70,000+ Lego pieces are now largely sorted, reorganized, and ready for a new home once the basement is finished. Best part, my husband will finally be able to actually build with his collection rather than constantly managing it. This was a very, very big project and I'm so thankful for all the hands that helped.

As Tabitha is fond of saying, "Whew! That was hard work!" It is, but we're excited about the upcoming changes despite the zoo it is to manage and complete.


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