A Letter to Pickle

Dearest Pickle,

You are officially 40 weeks old and have been gracing our family for three weeks! Each day you are getting stronger and growing. You are now over 6 lbs! We're still on our zany feeding/pumping schedule, but we're hopeful that within three weeks we'll be transitioned to just nursing. The upside is that our freezer is truly stocked with milk for down the road.

God has been very good to us little one. Despite the ups and downs of emotions, despite the drain of our demanding schedule, despite the insane amounts of TV your sister has watched, we're blessed. Since there is much life to be gleaned from counting our blessings here is a short list:

  • You are gaining weight!
  • You don't seem to have any nipple confusion despite daily rotating between 4 different types.
  • Mama's milk supply is back up and gaining momentum.
  • We've been provided meals from many loving friends and family.
  • Your sister showers you with love--sometimes too much love.
  • We're still getting more sleep than we did when Sweet Potato was a baby. :-)
  • Netflix... can I get an amen?
  • Grandparents who send diapers.
All in all, we are feeling quite loved and immensely blessed to have you part of our family. Despite your young age we are already noticing your sense of humor. Recently, when your sister announced she had to go potty (more on that later) all by herself, Mommy sighed and you grinned the biggest goofiest grin and kinda shrugged your shoulders. Yes, it was funny. Your sister is funny. And you will soon realize that your Mama is funny in the head, but until then let's just keep smiling at one another--okay?


P.S. A prince was born on your due date. No wonder you wanted to come early!

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