Family Fun

In an effort to savor these last remaining weeks as a family of three, David took a day off of work and we went to the Turkey Hill Experience in Columbia, PA. While Sweet Potato is still a little too young to appreciate all the exhibits offer, we had a fun time. Of course, my mind was racing with all the ways we can incorporate a trip back in a few years as a homeschooling field trip-- PA History (check), Food Science/Safety (check), Communications (check). But back to the fun...

The "experience" starts out with a lovely (and free) history of the Turkey Hill company focusing on the family behind the original business. This was particularly fascinating for me considering the ties the Frey Family has with Messiah College. The self-guided tour then moves into a more hands-on series of exhibits. There are cows for milking, a milk truck (Tabitha loved driving this!), an area focusing on Turkey Hill teas, and ice cream creation stations.

We were able to create our own ice cream flavors, design the carton, and create a commercial (however, we skipped this last part as our little one was getting sleepy)! We learned about pasteurization what bacteria are good in milk and which ones are nasty, and how flavor combinations work. They even had ice cream and tea to sample!! Overall, it was an interesting trip for the adults and fun for the 2.5 year old.

For those interested in seeing what we created, feel free to check out our "webpages". They'll be available until July 31, 2013.

If you have a chance to check out the Turkey Hill Experience, we recommend it!


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