Minimalist Thoughts A Continuation

[Image source The Wheatfield on Etsy]

First, many thanks to all who responded thus far to the name post. We're gathering every suggestion and mulling through, writing them out, and saying them aloud. Tabitha has even contributed "Laura" as a suggestion which may or may not be influenced from listening to The Little House in the Big Woods. Keep them coming! We've got until Pickle debuts, but I'm hopeful it won't take that long!!

It's been a while since I've directly discussed minimalism in this space. Needless to say we are still pursuing our family's version of it. Despite all the upcoming household shuffling and re-decorating, we're taking concrete steps toward not just living with less or using the space we have to its fullest, but enacting our core values as a family. We'll finally have dedicated spaces in our home that reflectencourage, and foster our family motto of togetherness and shepherding.

See we had kinda hit a wall or plateau on the minimalism front. While we know there is more we could live without much of it was in storage or kept in places we didn't frequent. With our upcoming renovations we'll soon be able to throw light on the dark corners and make more progress.

Lately, I've been encouraged by a few internet spaces that have challenged me as we journey.
  • Assortment -- A family's blog about reclaiming life and living in a 665 sq ft. home after the "American Dream" sold them short.
  • Have Mercy -- Kendra Kay writes about pure intentionality and family minimalism. This is a great example of where we feel we're heading on this journey.
  • Zero Waste Home -- Bea Johnson has recently been featured in Martha Stewart Living and  several other blogspaces. While her approach is a little too extreme for me, I do appreciate some of her tips as they help generate ideas.

All of the above websites, as well as some recent conversations with friends, have had us asking "What's our goal?" Honestly, we haven't landed on specifics. We know that our current home gives us some wonderful constraints. Instead of complaining about not enough space in the kitchen, I keep downsizing to the items I actually use. Rather than bemoan the lack of closet space, we're contemplating ways to have smaller wardrobes that still fit our needs. Part of this push to pull out storage items to see if we really really use them is that we ultimately hope to be in a home with less square footage than our current home. Therefore, one of my personal missions was to empty the attic. Right now it's a storage spot for everything in the basement, but when the basement is complete, it will only house a few pieces of larger furniture. YEAH!!!

I can tell you our goal is not to move our family into an RV or swap out all our decorations for plain white walls. Those styles and choices are simply not us. However, since we started purging our possessions and lives we've experienced such freedom. We're excited about the changes and challenges on the horizon!


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