Weekend Links

A few articles, posts, and whats-its I've found fascinating, challenging (on various levels), and fun.

We're spending the weekend pursuing some extra special family time, furniture exploring, and an IKEA run for Pickle's crib. Full, fun, and family-- couldn't ask for more!

Have a great weekend all!

  • Spoonflower -- a custom printing site for the designer and consumer!
  • Life Planner 2013-2014 -- Love her planners! Can't wait for the new year to debut. (P.S. Tabitha loves the videos!)
  • 5 Life-Giving Truths -- Joshua Becker on his 5th year discovering minimalism. For our family #'s 1, 3, and 4 have really proven true over this past year. (Family: you can blame #1 for why our Christmas lists are so short!!)


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