What is in a name? A LOT!

We need some fresh ideas. Well any ideas really. If Pickle is a boy, we're golden. The name has been chosen for quite some time (before Tabitha's name was ever decided on!). However, if Pickle is a girl... Let's just say I don't want to be the mom they can't discharge because she hasn't named her baby yet.

David and I have very different naming styles. I like old, vintage, classic, uncommon, occasionally quirky names. [Not to mention that teaching 600+ students for 4 years quickly eliminates lovely names because of unpleasant memories.] He likes, um, not really sure how to describe what he likes, but we generally don't jive on the naming front. Ironically, we both agree on:

1) Significant meaning. Cecilia is a lovely name but it means "blind one". We really don't want that type of meaning/conotation linked to our child. Also, we don't want to directly repeat Tabitha's name meanings "Beautiful/graceful and Father's Delight".

2) Popularity. We tend to be drawn to names that while familiar aren't popular. Emma, Avery, Charlotte and Sophia are lovely names, but they are far more common than people think. 

3) Flow. While I love the name Imogen, it doesn't flow with Tabitha. It's a mouthful. Likewise rhyming or duplicate initials are also out. No Agatha (even though we both like the name) or Tova Grace (that was never a contender).

Can you help us? Can you give us ideas? We have been through the name books at the library and practically read the entire Nameberry site. We need help. Two clarifications though: 1) Any name you suggest we potentially may use. So if you're keeping a name for your own, don't share it. 2) We won't be sharing the official name until after Pickle arrives.





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