Big Accomplishments!

Sweet Potato is growing up and learning to be a really useful "engine". [Thank you Thomas the Tank Engine!]

  • She is keeping her diaper dry overnight more nights than not. 
  • She now is able to buckle herself into her car seat. All she generally needs from us is a safety check!
  • Getting dressed now requires even less of our help. She is able to almost completely dress herself. While the outfit combinations are sometimes less than what I desire, and getting a PJ shirt off is still tricky, Sweet Potato is showing us daily that she is growing up.
  • Cleaning-up. While she has always been fairly good at putting things back where they belong, lately she is showing not just us, her parents, but others her abilities to organize and be conscientious of other's belongings.
  • Winking. Yes, it looks more like a sideways blink, but it's about as adorable as you can get!
  • Telling stories. Many of these stories start out as "When I was a little baby..." and sometimes they don't make any sense whatsoever. However, her creativity is blossoming and we're thrilled to hear what she has to say. Many times the stories are a mixture of things she's watched, stories we've told her, and new phrases she is learning. 
We couldn't be more proud of her accomplishments or her abilities. It's such a blessing to watch, encourage and celebrate with one's children as they take steps toward maturity and independence!

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