Birthday Wishes

Yesterday, Sweet Potato and I had a heart-to-heart chat regarding her birthday. As conversation with her generally goes, I ended up stifling a laugh and listening intently to her larger than life ideas. There was also a little shaking-in-my-boots feeling as she described her wish list. Enjoy the following "transcript."

Me: Sweet Potato, you're birthday is coming soon. Do you know what kinds of food you might like for your birthday?
S.P.: White cake with blue icing. And carrots.
Me: Do you want carrots on your cake?
S.P.: Not on the cake Mommy! I want pink icing with blue and green and yellow icing.
Me: Okay... [Mental note: Stop watching The Cake Boss while nursing. It's giving her too many crazy ideas!] 
S.P.: Mommy, would you please tell people that for my birthday I want a--
  • Flynn firetruck from Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Jumping rope
  • REAL purple motorcycle with Hello Kitty lights and a helmet with Hello Kitty on the forehead.
  • A ball for outside
Yeah... that should be good. Please tell people that's what I want. And my friends want them too so we can play together... um... yeah. 
Me: Wow. That's quite the list. 
S.P.: Yep. It's for my birthday.

Now here's my question: Do you think two books and a kaleidoscope can substitute for the above list? Even the motorcycle bit? 

She's been talking about a purple motorcycle for several weeks. I would love to make my little girl's dreams come true, but I just can't justify getting her an actual motorcycle for her 3rd birthday. Especially since my dad has been wanting one for at least the past 33 years and my mom won't let him. I can't imagine what kind of trouble I'd be in with my mother if I bought Sweet Potato a bike. Really, I'm pretty much in the doghouse either way. Either my daughter is upset with me because she didn't get her motorcycle with Hello Kitty accents OR my mother slaps me silly because I bought my daughter a purple cycle to cruise around town. Sigh. What's a mom to do? ;-)


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