Pickle's Arrival

Dearest Pickle,

What a whirlwind week! Since Mama can be rubbish at remembering certain details, here is a timeline of how we met you.

Thursday, June 27-- Mama has a regular check-up at Woodward's. I'm not feeling the greatest and my feet are very swollen. They discover I'm spilling protein and Mama is sent home to collect a 24 hour urine sample. Daddy isn't so thrilled it has to be kept cool in the fridge. :-)

Monday, July 1 -- Mama calls Woodward's to get the scoop on my test results. I'm brought in for a blood pressure check since my protein numbers were too high. As soon as Dr. Mantione saw my blood pressure at 140 he sent Mama to the hospital.

Dearpa came and picked up your sister Tabitha--who was a little unsure of what all was happening. Then Mama and Daddy finished packing our hospital bag and went to the hospital knowing that the next time we came home, you would be part of our family.

At the hospital, the doctor gave Mama Cytotec to help prepare my body for labor—since you were 3 weeks early! I was given 2 more doses throughout the day/night. The Lord was gracious and Mama spent all Monday night contracting every 3-5 minutes.

Tuesday, July 2 – At 9 o’clock, the midwife Elaine checked Mama and said I could start a medicine called Pitocin. This medicine would get labor going; however, we still knew it could be a couple days until we met you.

By lunchtime, Mama was contracting pretty hard. April, our doula, kept Mama focused while Daddy and Dearma grabbed a bite to eat. At 1 o’clock Mama was still only about 3 cm dilated, but my contractions were getting harder, more frequent and my water broke with bloody show. I really wanted to push, but everyone said “no.” I didn’t know how much longer I could keep up with all the hard work! By 2:40 PM I was having lots of pressure and Elaine checked me again. I was 9 cm! No sooner had she checked me then Mama felt burning and a massive amount of pressure. They quickly broke a small bubble of water and with that your head popped out. Two pushes later you were in my arms.

Caroline Lavrack Runyon
5 lbs. 5.3 oz. 18 ¼ inches long
37 weeks 2 days gestation

After a few stitches, they transferred both you and Mama to the post-partum floor. When our nurse, Heather, came in to go over information with us, she noticed Mama looking really grey. She decided to get me into the shower to wash up. No sooner had we gotten Mama semi-clean did I start to hemorrhage.

The next two hours you slept peacefully while the doctor and nurses worked really hard to stop Mama from bleeding. It wasn't pleasant and I could tell that everyone in my room was scared—including me! We didn’t know how it would all end—surgery? blood transfusion? Praise the Lord that He used the medicine--in fact the very two medicines used to make Mama go into labor--to stop the bleeding.

Later that evening, you and your big sister met for the first time. It wasn’t quite the meeting I had imagined since Mama had to lay flat and couldn’t hold you or your sister, but you were here safely, Mama was taking the first steps of healing, and most importantly we were now a family of four!

Aside: The day you were born was a very busy day in Labor and Delivery. There were 4 sets of twins (including one set belonging to a high school friend of Uncle Philip’s), a set of triplets, and another friend of Uncle Philip’s became a father 30 minutes after you arrived! In the half hour in which you were born five other babies also celebrated their birthdays!

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