One Month!

Happy One Month Pickle! You're our little sweetheart. Over the past few weeks we've seen so much growth from you.
  • Bye-bye preemie diapers and clothes! Officially in newborn sizes.
  • Sleeping 3-4 hours all day and night. 
  • Making progress in the feeding arena. Nursing more and still growing!
  • Smiles, laughs, and odd barn yard noises. Pickle, you like to make a lot of sounds and we get quite the entertainment from them. Especially when you bleat like a sheep in the middle of the night. Smile.
  • Daddy calls you "Turtle" because there is something very turtle-esque about you, but we're not exactly sure what.
  • Big Sister loves to "play" with you. This consists of her holding your hand and saying, "Aggamugga". (Many thanks to Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood for this new turn of phrase.) 
We can't wait to see what changes will come in the next month!

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