Sweet Potato's New Room

A while ago I mentioned that we were redoing Sweet Potato's room. Well it's finally done! She loves, we love it, and there is still a little room for some personalization...as soon as I get my groove back! But as that may be a few months, here are a few pictures of her new room. Enjoy the tour!


The chenille puff bedspread came from my paternal grandmother. I love the pattern and orange and while puffs. I also have a predisposition to the feel of chenille! Now that we have two girls, we hope for them to share a room one day. While on vacation I went to my favorite antique store in Cape May and found a complimentary bedspread. It'll be perfect! [Of course it will probably require a different wall color, but it matches the rug!]

One of the things I really wanted to do was make Sweet Potato's room personal. I went to Etsy and found two prints that really add an extra personal touch. The first was from BreezyTulip's Studio and is a chalkboard looking print of the life verse David and I chose for Tabitha at birth. I really love the innocence and whimsical quality of Breezy's work! The second print is from Yassi's Place and says, "You are my sunshine." My mother used to sing this song to me, and now I sing it to Sweet Potato. For a while it was referred to as the "Sunshine Song."

The final two pieces of art work (currently) are perhaps the most personal. The first is a print by Jessie Wilcox Smith entitled "Beauty and the Beast". It showcases a little girl and a monkey having tea. For so many reasons, this picture embodies Sweet Potato's personality, interests, and loves. In fact, if you ask her the name of the picture it's called, "Tabitha & George". Lastly, the plate that hangs nearby is a family heirloom. It was painted for the birth of my mother by "Aunt" Mary, a lady friend of my great-great grandfather Pop-Pop Hollinger. For me, this plate hanging in her room links the women of my family together. Tabitha's middle name is my mother's first name, and my mom was named after her great-grandmother Gail Pressel Hollinger.

There are still some empty spaces, but those will be filled in once Pickle joins Sweet Potato. I wonder what personal artwork and heirlooms will grace Pickle's side of the room?!?!

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