It's been almost two months since our vacation, but with having a new baby I'm just now recapping our adventure. We were fortunate enough to spend 10 days at Cape May. David came and went as he had work responsibilities, but Sweet Potato and I had as relaxing a vacation as is possible for a 2 year old and a pregnant swollen lady! [Many thanks to my parents and Philip & Lisa for helping me.] 

Highlights of our trip included:

  • Rainy day fun making bracelets and necklaces with pop beads. Even Dearpa got in on the action! The afternoon was occupied with a tea party complete with Scottish shortbread, tea, homemade gummies.
  • We decided to take a carriage ride through the historic district of Cape May. While the history was over T's head, she enjoyed riding in the carriage, waving to passerby's as though she was the Queen of England, and admiring our horse's hoof pedicure!
  • We took a tour of Congress Hall and Sweet Potato held Annie Knight's hand.
  • Loved playing in the sand and jumping waves despite the chilly water! Serious water baby!
  • Eating at Hot Dog Tommy's, George's (where she practiced her flute playing), and Cione's.
  • Early morning walks, late night ice cream runs, and afternoon naps.
  • Visit to an organic farm where we saw lots of plants, stinky pigs, sheep, and a huge free range chicken flock.

 All in all, the shore was full of memories, laughs, and old fashion fun. Sweet Potato continues to ask when we are going back. Lord willing, next year sweet girl, next year.

P.S. My bag of books and crafts came in extra handy. Not only did she enjoy reading and crafting, but we had several rainy days that would have been nearly unbearable without those few resources. It was also super fun to see her connect what she would watch or read with what we were seeing on the shore. Especially the fantastic show performed by the porpoises!

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