A Day in Our Life... with a 3 year old and a 3 month old

Several blogs I follow do annual "Days in the Life of..." series. They highlight different types of families and give other blog readers a chance to another's life/schedule. Sadly, many of them give the impression that stay-at-home-moms live life by the seat of their pants, always living with a messy house, messy kids and a tired mama responding to one curveball after another. While we certainly have moments like that, our days are fairly structured. I thought it might be fun to show another side of stay-at-home moms. Many moms of little ones say they don't have a typical day. While the attitudes and execution of our daily plan can be unpredictable, our routine is vitally important in keeping everyone content and our household running smoothly.

Monday, September 30
      Mondays are our day to get laundry done, pick-up the house, and decompress from the weekend. Since we tend to be on the go Saturday and Sunday, having a day to simply reset the house and our heads as been amazingly effective. Mondays are a guaranteed day at home.

Good Morning!
5:10 -- Vigorous sucking and slurping next to my bed acts as my alarm clock. Pickle needs nursed and the day begins.

5:30 -- David up to exercise and start his day. Laundry started. I only do laundry once a week. Yes, I'll toss in a load of soiled clothes or bedsheets mid-week if necessary but most weeks it's a one day operation. This is also my chance to reply to e-mails, and to look over the budget. I daily check our budget using Mvelopes. It keeps us on track with our savings (and spending) and helps me have a big picture as I start each day.
6:15 -- Both adults are getting ready. I'm savoring these moments as Sweet Potato is still not up which is very unusual. There is definitely a plus side to the shorter days! More darkness in the morning means our little girl sleeps in a smidge. Yippee!

7:00 -- David is off to work. After we wave good-bye, Sweet Potato and I complete her morning chores of: making bed, getting dressed (including hair--what a chore!), and eating breakfast. I run downstairs and start laundry load #3 for the day!

7:30 -- Sweet Potato and I complete calendar, Bible and Math

8:00 -- Time to dress, change, and nurse Pickle

8:30 -- Reading time with Sweet Potato. Definitely a favorite way to spend my time. All three of us curled on the couch reading book after book after book.

9:30 -- School is done and it's time for snack and free play! During playtime there is cutting, gluing, puzzle playing, coloring, and several raucous renditions of "Boom Chicka Rocka". Sweet Potato then plays with some Legos and has a light saber fight and a flying car race. There is also a hand washing relay that occurs for no other reason than she loves to wash her hands. Meanwhile, picking up, laundry, and ironing beckon Mama. Pickle hangs out in the Beco Gemini. It's a life saver for getting things done around the house, while allowing baby to sleep and bond with Mama.

11:00 -- Nurse Pickle and I take a quick cat nap. :-)

11:30 -- Time to prep lunch and pop the spaghetti squash into the oven to roast so it's ready when dinner preparations start.

12:00pm -- Lunch! I gobble a quick bowl of left over roasted vegetable soup and Sweet Potato eats carrots, cheese, a p.b. smidgeon, and peanut butter crackers. While she finishes lunch, I pop Pickle back into the Gemini and off we go to put away laundry. One chore done for the week!

Afternoon--my favorite time of day!
1:00 -- Both girls go down for naps. Then it's time for a mid-day check on e-mail and replies. Once complete I settle down for some devotions. Sigh. It is good to spend time in quiet meditation.

2:00 -- While nursing, I catch-up on blog reading and sign the petition to Stop the Ban on Home Education in the Netherlands.

2:30 -- Time to prep dinner. It's earlier today than normal, but both the Spaghetti Squash Au Gratin and the Dijon Pork Tenderloin require longer preparation/bake times. Also, a perfect opportunity to tidy the kitchen and get the dishwasher running.

3:00 -- Sweet Potato up and time for us to head outside. We take a walk with our neighbors, followed by some playtime for the kiddos and a chance for the mamas' to chat.

Evening-- the end is in sight.
5:00 -- David arrives home. While I pop dinner in the oven, David and Sweet Potato set the table. I nurse Pickle and David hangs photos in our living room. Yeah, this room is almost ready to be revealed. It's awesome folks!!

6:00 -- Dinner time! This is one of the most dreaded times of the day for me. Sweet Potato takes forever to eat and it's always a battle to get her to try new things or even consume things she loves. I have no bright ideas on why this is the case, but we spend a good 40 minutes a night attempting to get her to eat or finish eating. Exhausting!

7:00 -- David takes the girls upstairs for pjs and I put away dinner left overs and do the dishes. Then I get a couple things ready for the next day (school stuff, library books, meat to thaw for dinner, etc.)

7:30 -- We all gather in the living room for family reading time. Currently, we're reading through The House at Pooh Corner. Sweet Potato snuggles with Daddy and I nurse Pickle as we all wind down from the day.

8:00 -- The energy we regained during our delightful reading time is needed for tucking Sweet Potato into bed (it's the longest process of the day)! Thankfully there isn't a tantrum tonight. Instead she spends the next hour talking and reading to herself. We'll take it!

8:30 -- David and I take a few minutes to unwind before he heads across the street to play games with our neighbor. I stay home and finish up a few miscellaneous chores (like this post!) before reading a smidgen then hitting the hay...because tomorrow we'll do it all over again! :-)

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