Celebrating Creativity

During a recent upload of pictures, I noticed a 100 odd shots that were more... let's say avant-garde... than my typical photography. Sweet Potato had gotten hold of the camera and done her own rapid point-and-shoot session. Then today on Simple Mom Tsh wrote about a new book by Emily P. Freeman entitled A Million Little Ways: Uncover the art you were made to live. While Sweet Potato doesn't know it, she is creating all the dang-gone time! She's painting, coloring, building with Lego, taking photos and making stories (with accompanying voices). Everyday she just bursts with creative expression, but to her it's just life. I haven't read Emily's new book, but I have a feeling that this type of creativity in the daily inhale and exhale is what she might be encouraging. 

In a little inspiration to myself and hopefully to you, here are a few of Sweet Potato's photographs. What will you create today? A salad? A sweater? A song?

P.S. None of the photos were altered. She actually took them like that!

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