Happy Three Months Pickle!

Pickle, Sweet Pickle, you are growing so fast! We have packed away all your newborn clothes, and nearly all your three month clothes! Hello land of 6 month clothing. Now Mama isn't just shrinking all your clothes... nope! In three short months you have doubled your birth weight and then some. Honey, you can slow down or we're gonna be putting you in summer clothes come January! Your personality is also really starting to bloom too. We're hearing you talk and coo and getting plenty of smiles and laughs. You and your sister are slowly learning to "play" together. Mama and Daddy can't wait until you actually can play.

Pickle at 3 months:

  • 3-6 or 6 month clothes (boy howdy!)
  • Weighing in at 12.5 lbs.
  • Trying her hardest to sit up
  • Has big sister reading to her
  • Still has blue eyes
  • Still loves Mama most
  • Still sleeping the majority of the night (HALLELUJAH!)
  • Strong, STRONGLY, dislikes the carseat.
  • Absolutely adorable!
  • Nicknames: 
    • Daddy-- Little Bit
    • Mama-- Caroline Lark
    • Tabitha-- Carol (nice name, but we're trying to nix this one)

And because it's fun to see how similar and different the two girls are... Here they are at about the same age in the same outfit.

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