Four Months Strong!

Pickle dearest,

You are four months old and full of chubby smiles. You have this great half grin accompanied by sly little eyes! Oh how we wish we knew what you were thinking! At four months you are...

  • Trying your darnedest to sit up. Serious stomach crunches are your forte. Daddy and Mommy sometimes speculate that you'll be pulling yourself up before you roll over. 
  • You love to be nursed asleep and rarely fuss once you are laid in you crib. 
  • You have officially moved into your own bedroom.
  • Love to scoot in circles in your crib. We're never sure what position we'll find you in!
  • Prefer a sitting position to being cradled, or even up on Mama's shoulder. You like to look around and take in your surroundings.
  • Sweet Potato and you are growing your sisterly bond with bedtime snuggles and silly smiles. You can often be seen gazing at your sister while she's telling a story with the most loving smile on your sweet face.
  • Your eyes light up when you grin.
  • Starting to "talk" to us in coos, grunts, and tiny squeaks

As for growing, you are still small but definitely not tiny!
  • Height    24 1/4 inches (50%)
  • Weight   13.5 lbs (30%)
  • Head Circumference   15 9/16 (25%)

We Love you Pickle!!

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