The Neighborhood of Make-Believe Trick-or-Treat

Did you know that Mister Roger's Neighborhood has been updated? I know! The new animated version had me scared at first because, well, Mister Rogers is kinda sacred in my world. Happily, the producers have done a great job keeping all the important aspects of Fred's message and the characters are just as heartwarming. However, since it is an updated take several of the beloved make-believe friends have grown up and have children of their own. For example, Henrietta Pussycat now has a daughter, Katerina Kittycat, and Daniel Striped Tiger has a son Daniel Tiger who "hosts" the show. Allow me to introduce them...

Sweet Potato and her best friend had their first "couples" costume. She's also announced that she'll be marrying him when she turns 4. Heaven help us! The kids had a great time being their favorite characters. If your curious, here is what the real Daniel and Katerina look like.

Here's to the Land of Make-Believe and another generation learning about their feelings in a constructive and safe environment! Thanks Mister Rogers!!

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