Here comes 31!

Thirty had it's joys (a new baby, renovations to the house) and it's bumps (pregnancy, anemia) but overall it was a good year. Thirty-one is looking to be even better! 

For starters, my sweet husband took me to see a fantastic movie at my favorite theatre. A great date with a great man in a fun place. Can't get much better than that!

I've got a new haircut, which I love, and feels so much more me

And in just 10 days time I'll be officially working at new yarn shop! Little Owls Knit Shop is coming to Camp Hill, PA. The doors open to the public on January 7th and I'm thrilled to be helping with this new venture. Since I'm nursing a non-bottle taking baby, I'll be teaching classes and doing behind the scenes stuff (think administrative assistant type stuff) to start. But I'm yearning for the day when I'll be able to pick up some retail hours and work a weekly schedule. 

With this new responsibility has come a renewed energy and joy. The opportunity came at precisely the right moment and I'm thrilled to be working with a team of women who love fiber, and are pure fun! 

This year I'm also hoping to reclaim my body and get back into exercising. I'd love to be physically fit enough to run a race or two come fall. Maybe even one as a family?!?

When David and I were on our date, he asked my feelings toward this year. I think this year will be full of renewed energy as I get back into hobbies I love, great expectation coupled with deep contentment as we watch our daughters grow and learn, and brimming with joy. Joy of life, of love, of giving.

And maybe if I'm lucky, my eldest will be potty trained. One can hope! ;-)


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