Little Owls Knit Shop

The past few months have been busy. Busy with emails, writing press releases, establishing social media, helping to tag and display yarn, planning knitting classes, and encouraging a new friend on a wonderful journey.

This week is Little Owls Knit Shop's Grand Opening. It's an old store given new life as a warm, colorful, and friendly place to meet and greet yarns and fiber friends. If you are local, you'll definitely want to stop in and take advantage of all the special events!

While I'm not working retail hours yet, I have been busy helping Sadie, the owner, behind the scenes. There is so much to do in a yarn shop that is not directly related to the yarn on the shelves.

At this point, I'm teaching beginning knitting classes, a fingerless mitts class, and there are a couple more early spring classes getting ready to hit the schedule soon. I'm so thankful to be able to help Sadie and watch this store launch.

This new venture is definitely responsible for the quietness on this space. Still, I wouldn't trade a thing... okay maybe I'd like a clone (one of me to mother, one to knit) but really life is as good as it gets right now. One lesson that has been reinforced lately, is how much this Mama needs some away from home time. I'm more productive, happier, and a much better mother and wife. Apparently, I work best with a little pressure. :-)

Happy Knitting Friends!

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