Six Months Old!

Someone recently turned six months old in our home. She is a silly little Pickle! Always the tongue is hanging out. Always. She is sitting on her own for longer stretches, and while she has yet to roll over unaided, she can nearly sit-up from a laying position.

Her eyes light up when she smiles, and her laugh is a little bubbling brook! She adores her Mama. We're seeing signs that she wants to play with her sister and what Sweet Potato has she wants too. Pickle also seems to enjoy toys more than I remember Sweet Potato. She wants something in her hands to chew on, play with, inspect. Solid foods have started and so far she's tasted avocado, banana, peaches, and puffs. Our chubby cheeked girl has already tripled her birthweight! It's amazing to think of how tiny she was in July. While we're still seeing some delays with her premature birth, we're thankful that nothing is causing real concern.

Height-- 26 1/2 inches  (75%)
Weight-- 15 lbs 14.5 oz (45%)
Head--  16 1/4 inches (25%)

More than anything our littlest girl is loving. Slobbery kisses, hugs, snuggles, she gives them all with abandon. We're reveling in this half year mark and know that the real fun is just beginning!

Happy Six Months Sweet Pickle! 

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