It is official. Sweet Potato is POTTY TRAINED! 

And yes, I am shouting it from the rooftops!! 

Biggest lesson I learned: Wait until they are ready. I tried multiple times. I wondered if she'd ever get it. It all was a waste of energy.

About 3 weeks ago, Sweet Potato realized she was down to her last diaper. [Truth be told, I thought there were more diapers in the closet. I was wrong.] On the spot she said, "Mommy, I have to wear underwear." I went along with it totally expecting another failed attempt, but I was wrong (again)! She averaged about 3 accidents a day for the first 3-4 days. After that, she'd have an accident every 4-5 days. We have now gone over a week without a single accident. Plus, she's keeping her diaper dry overnight and during her occasional naps. It's heaven!

I heard all sorts of stories from mom's who potty trained about being scared to go anywhere with a newly potty trained child for fear of not finding the bathroom in time. Perhaps it's because she's older and has better control, but we haven't had any issues. I know we may have an accident here and there, but overall this was the easiest process because she did the work. We weren't stressed (except for those first few days) and once she got the hang of it no incentives were needed. We started with M&Ms but that quickly proved unnecessary. We did reward her with Hello Kitty underwear after she went 3 days without an accident. I have never been so happy to plunk down $12.99 for 7 pair of obnoxiously pink underwear.

Sweet Potato we love you and couldn't be more proud. Many thanks also to both sets of grandparents who not only prayed for this day, but have offered multitudes of ooo's and ahh's over poops and pees. You folks are the best!

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