Where in the World is... David?

This summer David had the sweet opportunity to indulge in some much needed recharging time. In May he attended the wedding of a college friend in Los Angeles, traveling with two other dear friends. It was a whirlwind weekend, but he saw some iconic sites, enjoyed huge pancakes and an afternoon of board game playing in board game cafe!

In July, he once again hit the road with buddy Brian to experience their first GenCon. It's one of, if not the largest, board game conventions in the world. As educators, they got in on some neat sessions about using games in education and libraries.

David was also privileged to stand as witness in his youngest brother's wedding this August. It was a lovely day, with simple decor and a very much in love bride and groom. The bowties were pretty awesome too. :-)

Of course, as University Librarian, David doesn't get the summer off which means that between travels he was busy preparing for the fall, handling textbook ordering, and working on countless projects. How he manages it all and still returns home every evening with a smile is beyond me!

For me (and for him), the biggest accomplishment David has achieved is losing 20 lbs over the past 2 years and keeping it off! I am immensely proud of him. He has shown self-discipline and perseverance despite a wife who has weekly hankerings for ice cream.

What is amazing is that he is continuing to lose weight in part thanks to our new diet. (More on that when we get to Pickle.) He is officially at the lowest weight I've ever known him to be. So proud of you love!

Finally, despite having an all female house, he has successfully indoctrinated our daughters in the love of Star Wars. We aren't allowing them to see the movies until they are older, but thanks to Lego minifigures Sweet Potato adores Yoda and Pickle has a deep love/fear of Chewbacca. Fun times!

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