Where in the World is... Kristin?

Yeah so I was big into Carmen SanDiego back in the day.... Moving on.

As many of you have told me it's been too quiet around these pages. I'd love to say I'm back to regular blogging, but I just can't promise. Life is full right now. VERY full. To play catch-up and not have a blogpost a literal mile long in length, I thought I'd just do a snapshot of what's happening in each of our lives.

As blog author, I'll go first.

This summer has been one of transition. The biggest area of transition has been in my employment. I left my local LYS mid-July. I didn't leave because I was having trouble homeschooling and working, despite what the rumor mill has broadcast. I left because it was time. The business itself was/is going through transition and after 18 months of being part of it I was burnt out. I didn't want to become bitter so I chose to leave.

However, I really enjoy working outside the home part-time and was keeping my eyes open for a new opportunity. Shortly after handing in my resignation, I prayed the following words from Tony Evans' book Praying through the Names of God:
"Elohim, create great things for me to walk in. Create intersections where you merge my passion, experiences, skills, and interests together so I can fulfill the calling you have for me...I trust you to create my life's story and to give me all I need to fully live out the path you have planned for me."
Sweet Potato and I sharing a Mother-Daughter
Date to see The Princess and the Pea.
God heard this prayer and led me to a very unexpected job. Way back in college, 15 years ago, I was a work-study in the than Registrar/Academic Advising Office at Messiah College. I worked there for nearly 4 years Fall, Spring and Summer. By graduation, I was saying goodbye to dear co-workers and I felt far more like one of the team than "just" a work-study. Over the years I've been contacted by the Registrar to come back for various positions. None has fit my life circumstances until now.

I was hired end of August as an adjunct faculty member teaching two sections of Foundational Study Skills to conditionally admitted students. Three classes in and I'm still scared to death, can't believe I'm a college professor (I bet you can't either!), and giddy with the sheer fun of it all. I'm not an academic, but I do enjoy being in academic settings and working with student learning. I'd forgotten how much I love teaching. Yes, homeschooling allows me to teach, but teaching one's child(ren) is rewarding in a completely different way from teaching other's children. All in all, God has big plans for this short semester. I'm not sure if the biggest plans are for me or the students in my class, but I'm reveling in His faithfulness and graciousness to lead me into this new venture.

Visiting Meijer Gardens.
One of my favorite places!
Aside from teaching, I am homeschooling Sweet Potato who is in kindergarten. I am also finding time to knit the many Christmas gifts still left on my to do list. This year is definitely going to be handmade! I'm a little uncertain how I'm gonna pull all this off, but it's been very fun to make things for individuals dear to our family. Audiobooks are awesome for knitting time! On my bookshelf these days I'm learning about modern shepherding, exploring the history of Laura and Rose Wilder, devouring random mysteries, and still reading about the Sabbath.

Additionally, my mother and I are thoroughly enjoying a Precepts Bible Study on the book of Exodus. Last year we studied Genesis and at the end of the year the class agreed we had to see what became of these people we had spent so much time studying. We're 7 chapters into Exodus and already my brain feels like it's grown heaps in seeing how God interacts with his people, how we are to approach and worship Yahweh, and just how sovereign our God is. What a comfort in these uncertain times!

As a family we continue to settle into our church, GracePoint. I'm helping out once a month in both the nursery and children's programs; we're hoping to join a small group; and I try to attend the monthly mom's group. What a blessing to have an extended family who studies, grows, and spurs you on in your faith! We are so thankful for the heart impact of GracePoint.

While my schedule is more packed than ever, this season of growth is eagerly accepted. I truly am enjoying the mental growth, the spiritual deepening and the self-discipline needed to survive these months. I needed some re-energizing and God has provided.

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