Where in the world is... Pickle?

Oh sweet Pickle! She is a feisty little two year old. Her talents include:
  • Counting (1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 9...)
  • Jumping
  • Family clown!
  • Climbing everything, everywhere, all. day. long. 
  • Trains. Particularly, Tommy, Peecy (Percy), James, Gordon, Toby
  • Language development. We can understand about 90% of what she says. 
  • Dearly attached to her baa (pacifier). 
  • Extreme politeness. We can count on "thank you mommy" "please papa" for just about anything. If she doesn't want to take a nap, she will simply say, "no nap. no thank you mommy". It can be really hard to discipline such a sweet mannered child.
Such a little mommy.
We have started to see her imagination begin to express itself. She will frequently tell us to be quiet as she is searching for a turtle. We have no idea from where this scenario came! She also absolutely adores baby dolls and plays mommy daily. She and baby go on walks in the basement or visit a restaurant created by big sister. 

The biggest summer change for Pickle relates to her health. For the past 8 months she has experienced high fevers (103-105 degrees) every 2-3 weeks for no apparent reason. After our pediatrician wrote our concern off claiming she'd out grow it, we found a new pediatrician. Certified in functional and conventional medicine, our new doctor is treating Pickle for a host of possibilities. Initial blood work came back relatively inconclusive. Basically, Pickle was/is so inflamed internally that it's hard to see the forest for the trees. To get her system to a stable point, and possibly be able to identify the cause of the fevers, she has been taking 12 various supplements daily since August. We are also all on a no dairy, no gluten/grain diet. We definitely bend the rules here and there, but overall, we've stuck as close as we can to the doctor's orders. 

Pickle and "Bacca". Best Friends.
To say this has been a huge change is an understatement. Overnight my cooking had to change, my approach to snacks and sweets and everything in between had to be different. While we've eaten healthy, my confidence was shaken in how to prepare foods for my family to eat. Moreover, I started to question everything I gave my children. Would it be healthy enough to keep the fevers away? Why did I wait so long to institute this type of eating? God quickly calmed my thoughts and fears. As a friend so sweetly reminded me, "His mercies are new every morning." Yes, they are. I am taking each day as it comes and trying so hard to revel in it's mercy.

The upside to this diet has been a reasonable amount of weight loss for David and I. The downside has been our grocery budget. Nearly two months in I'm finally feeling some balance to this whole new world. When we go back in November for more blood work, we are hoping to get a definitive answer to why she has fevers. However, as we've been using the supplements and practicing the diet, Pickle has only had one fever. It's nothing short of wonderful to have only had one fever in 8 weeks! We are praying that the Lord will heal our little girl's body through our efforts, medicines, or His touch. 

In the meantime, she'll keep climbing and chattering and mirroring her big sister all while being her unique silly self.

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