Where in the world is... Sweet Potato?

This girl is amazing. I know I've said it before, but the depths of her imagination absolutely floor me! Our dear 5 year old is now in Kindergarten/1st grade. She is reading despite the claims that she can't and is making daily improvements. Outside of language arts, she is thoroughly adoring history, making amazing strides in memorizing the catechism and Bible verses, and doing better than her mother ever did at learning her addition and subtraction facts.

She also has an interest in science that this mama is trying to encourage and support. This fascination with scientific experiments was definitely aided by her recent experience at Spring Arbor University where she heard her uncle talk about Pluto and saw some experiments related to Pluto's atmosphere. Liquid nitrogen is cool whether you are 5 or 32! :-)

Our curriculum for the year (so far) consists of the following:
  • Saxon 1 - first grade math
  • Story of the World, Ancient History Vol. 1 - history
  • Big Truths for Little Kids - catechism
  • 365 Science Activities by Usborne
  • Mathematical Reasoning by Critical Thinking Press
  • Exploring nature at Hershey Gardens.
    Note the pad and pencil. ;-)
  • Loads of Read Aloud Chapter Books. 
            Since July we've read:
    • James Herriot's Children's Treasury
    • Homer Price by Robert McCloskey
    • Mr. Popper's Penguins by Florence & Richard Atwater
    • Birthday Ball by Lois Lowry
    • Bless this Mouse by Lois Lowry
    • Anna Hibiscus & Horrary for Anna Hibiscus by Atinuke
    • Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa by Erica Silverman
    • Francine Poulet and the Ghost Raccoon by Kate DiCamillo
    • Princess in Black by Shannon & Dean Hale
    • In Grandma's Attic by Arleta Richardson
    • Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams
    • Now We are Six & When We Were Very Young by A. A. Milne
            Currently reading: 
    • Blue Fairy Book by Andrew Lang 
    • Mountain Born by Elizabeth Yates
Enjoying a special date with Mama and Papa.

Additionally, Sweet Potato is greatly enjoying the first two DVDs of What's in the Bible with Buck Denver. She asks nearly every day to watch either Genesis or Exodus. She doesn't always get her way, but I am thrilled at the content and truths these shows are instilling in her. We have even started having mother-daughter discussions about Exodus since we are both "studying" it. :-)

While we aren't taking dance this year, Sweet Potato is continuing to attend Kid's Club at a local church. She loves it and we are so grateful for this weekly infusion of fun and faith in her life. With my schedule this fall, we aren't participating in a co-op, but we are hopefully joining a local homeschooling group come January. And of course, we have Sunday school. It's a short span of time, but Tabitha is learning about God and we take time each week to review the lesson. We are very grateful for the volunteers and teachers who help instruct our daughter. Our faith is fundamental to our lives and we are trying to utilize every moment of these early years to instill in our girls the love of God and knowledge of Him. 

Sweet Potato continues to adore Legos, Star Wars, and has a growing love of princesses, pandas, and nature exploration. We are frequently serenaded by her songs that often are a mix of worship, theology, and whatever is on her heart. Her ability to help around the house is increasing. We still regularly fight about eating food (she can be quite picky!) and cleaning up (play is far more fun). However, at five years old, she is finally consistently sleeping through the night!!! We made it!

We are definitely still training her emotions yet we tread carefully and thoughtfully with our sensitive-hearted girl. As Sweet Potato is maturing, we have recognized her need for one-on-one time with adults she cherishes. Dates, special play times, and being with those she loves with undivided attention makes her shine.

A hat made out of a blanket. 
While she is definitely the more serious of our two children, she frequently says the most hilarious things! She recently requested a trip to Disney World with just her and Dearpa. 
SP: "It'll be a Dearpa-Daughter date."
Me: "You mean a Dearpa-Granddaughter date?"
SP: "No. A Dearpa-Daugther date. Sometimes saying 'grand' hurts my tongue."
One day we hope she'll use her natural flare for the dramatic and her creative imagination to entertain people perhaps on stage! Until then, we count ourselves so very fortunate to be witness to her private daily showings of theatre extraordinaire.

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