A Pickle Update

It's been nearly four months since we started Pickle on her host of supplements and diet. We recently had more blood work and a follow-up appointment with the doctor. Part of the need for a strict diet was to reduce the inflammation in her system so subsequent blood work would reveal what was really happening. Praise the Lord her recent check did come back with some clues!

First, her inflammation is down considerably. We haven't had a true fever episode in 15 weeks and she has responded very well to treatment. Based on Pickle's response to the various medications the doctor feels she has/had Lyme's disease with a co-infection. This entire time we've been treating Pickle as though she had Lyme's and will continue with the two tinctures we have remaining. We are also continuing to support her immune system through supplements and diet. Yup, the diet continues.

One of the blood work results indicated that Pickle also has a "leaky" gut. Essentially her small intestinal lining has broken down, allowing larger food particles to pass through the lining and into her immune system. The immune system has seen these food particles as it would a virus or bacteria and attacked. It's hard to know if she had Lyme's first and then the leaky gut or vice versa, but we're working to repair, strengthen and restore her small intestinal lining.

We are feeling encouraged despite the work ahead and reminded how fortunate we are to have caught this early and to be with a doctor who treats the whole body not just a particular system or disease. As we move into the colder months and produce is less available, I'm hitting yet another learning curve with our diet. Still, I'm picking up tips and tricks and finding that my family is more flexible than I thought. Lately we've been having some rather unconventional breakfasts. Anyone want bacon wrapped chicken leftovers to start their day? How about 3 meat chili? Potato leek soup with bone broth? Yeah, it's different but satisfying. Two challenges I have yet to conquer is keeping enough food in the house and making a predictable budget. I've come to realize it might just take a while until we discover what is available and viable for our family.

The last remaining hurdle for me as home keeper is traveling with our supplements and diet. On a recent adventure, we ate on the go and paid for it in diaper rashes, bloated bellies, exhaustion, moodiness and elevated temperatures. Yes, we can definitely say there is a major difference in all of us when we eat what we're supposed. We're determined to keep traveling, but finding ways for us to source food on the go is a problem needing a solution. Still, we are thankful for the improvement and healing we've seen so far in Pickle and eagerly anticipate God's full restoration of her sweet body.

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