Fall Fun with Friends!

This autumn was the first time we truly took advantage of fall themed fun. On the suggestion of my brother and sister-in-law, who grew up in Manheim, we visited the Manheim Farmers Fair in September. We went with some homeschooling friends and loved how accessible, free, fun and educational it was! The girls, all 5 of them, had a lovely time seeing farm animals up close and collecting stamps at each pavilion for a prize packet. As moms, we loved the fall weather without the need to bundle, the ability to move around without huge crowds!

A month later, we met up with some of David's childhood friends while they were visiting Philadelphia from the midwest. We had a blast! We visited the U. S. Mint, Independence Hall, peered at Ben Franklin's grave, and strolled through Elfreth's Alley which claims to the oldest continually inhabited street in the US. It almost felt like Harry Potter could materialize at any moment. To keep the history theme going, we ate dinner at an 18th century tavern. We ate delicious food and enjoyed the late afternoon sun as it provided the only light in our dining room. While not as historically interesting, we did do something that I have longed to do since a student studying in Philly. We ate s'more's at Cosi! After a long day of walking we ordered s'mores at Cosi, a coffee/cafe, and enjoyed a sweet treat with the kids.

Our second day, we spent mostly at Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ. What a place! Having recently been to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, I wasn't sure how the girls would respond to another aquarium. We definitely got our moneys worth! Not only were the exhibits more child friendly with several see-and-touch stations, a shark tank tunnel, and a younger kids fish themed indoor play spot, but the entire place was brighter and lighter. We all were mesmerized by the hippos and were thrilled when they waded into the pool allowing us to view them underwater too! The girls were definitely taken by the weekend mermaid exhibit. It was definitely the highlight for them. That evening we met up with another childhood friend of David's. Together we had 6 adults and 10 children ages 9 yrs to 7 months out for dinner at Sonny's Famous Cheesesteaks on Market Street in Center City. It was wonderful to be together, although I think if there is a next time (and we do hope there is!), we'll host at our house so the kids can really play together and the adults can truly chat without fear of little ones running out into the street.

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