Serious Stash Bust

It's time. I've talked about it for a couple years, but I've never had the courage to really do it until now. I'm downsizing my stash to just the projects I will knit within the next year. Realistically this means it will take me two years to knit what I have saved, but that's not too awful.

The yarn that didn't make the project cut needs to go. First come, first served. I priced everything between 40-50% off retail prices. My home is smoke and pet free. The yarn was kept in plastic storage bins. The pictures are small, but click and they should enlarge. If you'd like a close-up shot, just let me know.

Question? Get in touch via Facebook, comments, twitter, or any other way you know how to reach me. ;-)

Chunky (left to right)
  • Araucaria Azapa: Discontinued. Color 804 [Reminds me of a light robin's egg blue] 2 full skeins @ $10 each, 1 partial skien @ $5
  • Misti Alpaca Chunky: Color 1590 @ $8
  • Noro Kogarashi: Discontinued. Color #4 @ $12 each 3 skeins

Worsted (left to right)
  • Dream in Color Classy @ $15 per skein
                   Melon Bomb- 1 skein + smidgen (free)
                   Peacock Shadow- 3 skeins 
                   Flamingo Pie- 2 skeins

  • Madelintosh DK $15 per full skein, $5 for partial*
             Butter- 1 skein
             Twig- 2 full skeins, 1 partial skein 
             Lolita- 2 full skeins, one partial skein
             Mica- 1 skein
             Hickory- 1 skein
             Fig- 1 skein wound
             Cosmic Wonder Dust- 2 skeins wound
             Worn Denim 2 full skeins with one wound, 1 partial wound
*Partials are at least 1/2 a skein if not more.

Sport (left to right)
  • Madelinetosh Pashmina $20 each- Malachite, Astrid Grey, Butter
    Madelinetosh Pashmina
  • Silky Wool $5.25 each- Colors 125/aqua (6 skeins), 123/lilac (4 skeins), 126/green (3 skeins). Will sell entire lot for $60. 
    Elspeth Lavold Silky Wool
  • Fibre Company Road to China Light $9 each- Sapphire (1 skein), Grey Pearl (2 skeins)
    Fibre Co. Road to China Light


Fibre Company Canopy Fingering $8 each- Macaw (6 skeins) 4 Skeins left!

CrabApple Swag Fingering $18 each- Champlain (1 skein), Candy Crisp (1 skein)


Fibre Company Meadow $16- color alfalfa (1 skein)
Fibre Co. Meadow

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