Adults Only Getaway: Minneapolis/St. Paul

David and I have been saying we'd like to take a mini-vacation without the girls for a while. So when I was able to snag super cheap airline tickets to Minnesota we crossed our fingers that someone would be able to watch the girls. My parents, who can never get enough shout-outs, stepped up to the plate immediately. My brother and sister-in-law, aka "best aunt and uncle ever!", also said they'd help out. We took everyone at their word and made plans.

Last weekend, we giddily kissed the girls goodbye, prayed my parents wouldn't be exhausted by the girls, and trotted off to the Twin Cities. While there we stayed at an airBnB. It was a perfect location, but definitely not up to our standards of clean nor comfort. The master bed was a memory foam mattress that must have accommodated a very large person at one point. Therefore, there was now a deep pit requiring a second person to help should you miscalculate and roll into the Valley of Foam. Night two we moved the sheets to the pull out sofa bed. This was the Bed of Nails. To be fair, we drove by the Bed and Breakfast I had initially considered (before David found the airBnB listing) and it was falling apart. Truly, paint peeling, the B&B sign dangling by one chain! So I'm glad we saved some money.

The weather was rainy and cold our entire time away. So we did mini driving tours of both Minneapolis and St. Paul. We loved the architecture of the downtowns and the neighborhoods. St. Paul kinda feels like a hippy Pittsburgh and Minneapolis was a remarkably approachable city (perhaps this was because we explored it on a Sunday). We toured the Mill City Museum and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Como Park Conservatory was lovely and I'm sure the accompanying zoo would have been fun if the weather hadn't been so drippy grey.

One of our goals was to eat food we can't or don't normally eat with kids. We succeeded! Victor's and Shish were fantastic little hole in the wall places with unique tastes. Trotter's Cafe was nice for healthy food and Izzy's was a special treat.

The highlight for me was visiting Garrison Keillor's bookstore in St. Paul. While there I purchased the newest book from Kate DiCamillo who resides in Minneapolis. Sadly, I was one week too early to meet her, but it was still a treat. David found a book by one of his favorite author's and we purchased a book to read to the girls in about 8 years. We like to plan ahead.

David's favorite part of the trip was visiting Fantasy Flight Games Headquarters. We spent an afternoon playing board games in their cafe. The next day we returned to meet two of the designers behind the miniature game Star Wars X-wing. Alex and Frank were very nice and spent time chatting with us about game theory and design. David was on cloud nine. I was totally out of my element, but still had fun!

Our get away was lovely and fun and quite enjoyable despite the sleeping arrangements and weather. We both felt the time away to be refreshing and a vital component to keeping our marriage strong. It was a joy to travel with my man, converse uninterrupted and rediscover songs we used to belt out while dating.

However, there is nothing like home. Especially when one is fortunate enough to share it with two sweet kiddos. I've enjoyed smothering them in hugs and kisses. They don't seem to mind. After all, I have 4 days to make up for!!!

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