My Favorite Recipes

The doctor prescribed adventure of being gluten-free and dairy-free at first sent me into a tailspin. While we had been eating healthy and balanced meals, we weren't eating what was necessary to heal our Pickle. As we changed out of necessity we've noticed that each of our bodies has preferences.

  • David- really likes (and needs) his protein. Hard boiled eggs are a staple.
  • Kristin- I'm sensitive to gluten. I can eat it, but get bloated and cranky quickly.
  • Sweet Potato- lower glycemic foods have helped tremendously with mood swings.
  • Pickle- truly is sensitive to gluten and non-homemade/organic sauces.

Coming up with a meal that was satisfying and met the unique challenges of cooking for kids has taken time, perseverance, and a bit of creativity. Dinners and lunches have proven to be the easiest. Snacks, breakfasts and desserts are where I find the most struggle. Several of you have asked how I do it or what recipes I love most. May the following help you regardless of your kitchen challenges.


Main Dishes-



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