Around Our Home

A glimpse as to what is being said and learned around our home...

"Leia milked her first cow!" - Inspired by Lego mini figures and listening to On the Banks of Plum Creek by Laura Ingalls Wilder. This was also accompanied by a duel between a black dragon and a green dragon and observed by ostriches with very good hearing, a taun-taun, a snow monster, and other assorted Lego characters. Oh, and a pair of oxen named Star and Bright- thanks again Laura.

"NO! I want Isabelle!! She's mine!" - An argument between two sisters regarding who could play with the puppies Isabelle and Stocking. Both girls wanted both puppies. Both girls were yelling and screetching at the top of their lungs. The kicker is that "Isabelle" and "Stocking" are imaginary. Yes, this does happen more often than one might expect. Yes, it is awkward. Yes, I am quite amazed at the vividness of their collective imaginations. No, we are not getting puppies or any other living animal for that matter!

"Gemini. I need Gemini time." - While my daughters enjoy learning about space, this is not an indication that they are advanced learners. We have a baby carrier called a "Gemini". Pickle has ridden in it since she was quite small. She also quite enjoys putting her baby doll in the kid sized version.

"No. Dat not right." - Pickle will say this for everything. You can say something "please put your shoes away." Or she'll ask you to draw a picture of Luke Skywalker and disagree with the shape of circle you've drawn for his head. Sometimes she mutters it as she's changing her Baby Dear's outfit. Regardless of when it is said, she expresses it with such confidence and decisiveness one is sometimes left floundering at being told off by such a small sprite!

During a recent nap time, Pickle would not settle down. Eventually, I went up to see if my presence could help her fall asleep. I found this:

Out of her blanket, she had constructed a baby carrier for her teddy bear all by herself. Maybe she will be our little engineer?

Meanwhile, Sweet Potato snagged a McGuffey Reader that I had brought home from my parents for planning school next year. She was upstairs reading away. Next thing I know, she's standing by me saying, "Mama, I can read the Roman numerals." By golly she could! I asked how she had learned that "X" equals ten and "I" equals one and "V" equals five, etc. "Oh Mama," came the reply, "there is a table in the front that shows you. I used it to learn them, silly." She is the daughter of two librarians no doubt about it!

Never a dull moment in our home and I wouldn't change it for the world! 

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