The Day Our Wheels Were Stolen

This morning at 5:15 our doorbell rang. We were immediately startled awake and thought maybe there was a power outage because our doorbell will ring when that occurs. Then it rang a second time with urgency. Yes, I realize it made the same noise both times, but that second ring felt different. David threw on a t-shirt, I grabbed the phone and a sweater. David had briefly looked out the window and thought he'd seen our neighbor. I think both our hearts were beating extra fast anticipating an emergency.

Thankfully, this neighbor, who we don't know well but should receive an award for telling us, was walking his dog after being at work all night. He noticed that our car looked different. At first, he thought we might have a flat tire. Then he realized all four of our wheels (tires and rims) were gone. The car was and remains sitting on four bricks.

By 6 am, the girls were up, dressed, and we were speaking with the police who had arrived to create an incident report. The wheels are likely long gone and the thieves are probably driving around looking for tonight's car of choice. Meanwhile, our insurance is filing paperwork and we're slightly inconvenienced for a week and praying we don't have residual issues.

I suppose I should be angry or frustrated or maybe just annoyed, but honestly, the whole situation makes me laugh. Yes, we have to meet our deductible, but that's why we have insurance. Yes, we have more phone calls and decisions that weren't anticipated. But it's just car. A car that had fancier wheels than we ever would have normally purchased had they not come with the car. A car in which no one was hurt and does not seem to be damaged (other than the wheels being missing). A car that is secondary to how we typically transport our whole family.

My real prayer is that whoever is culpable will have unshakeable remorse. That their hearts and minds won't be able to get past this deed. Not because it was their first, because it wasn't. But because there is more at stake for them than stealing wheels. One day, I hope to hear testimony that it was after stealing a set of tires that God spoke and changed them from the inside out.

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