Adventures and Antics

March came in like a lion and left like a lion. We had summery days, two feet of snow, biting winds, pouring rain. The plants and flowers seemed not to know if they should bloom or bury their tender heads. To keep the winter doldrums at bay, we spent a delightful weekend in Pittsburgh with David's family. What a fun way to spend time together and explore a new place.

David and I had a blast visiting some of our old haunts and showing the girls special places from before we were married. We also visited the Natural History Museum, Heinz History Center, and Phipps Conservatory. The history museums were phenomenal and we particularly enjoyed seeing the changes that had been made at Carnegie Natural History. The girls particularly loved being able to dig for fossils. However, for me, Phipps held the prize. I so enjoy botanical gardens and was definitely not disappointed! I felt like Miss Rumphius, which for those who know children's literature is a glorious feeling.

In early April, the girls and I along with my mama, traveled south to James Madison's home Montpelier. We were there on their Homeschool Day and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. They had wonderful activities including Early American games for the kids to try, a scavenger hunt, and a hands-on Archeology experience. The girls had a wonderful time exploring and learning.

Before going to Montpelier, I was quite excited as I remembered being there as a child. There was a gorgeous avenue of trees leading to a picturesque home. I simply couldn't wait to show the girls and re-experience it. When we actually arrived at our destination, we were baffled. The landscape had totally changed and even the house didn't look familiar. Madison's home had undergone extensive renovations in the early 2000's, however, I had also never been to Montpelier. The home I was remembering was James Monroe's estate Ash-Lawn Highland. So Virginia, we'll be back. ;-) Also, this means I'm at the age where my memory officially cannot be trusted.

In-between these adventures, Miss Pickle has been up to some crazy antics. First came the "Katerina KittyKat" look alike contest. Then came the redecoration of her room using the minimalist motif of tissue. What memories she is creating for me (hope I remember them) and herself! Also, she's going to have way more embarrassing photos than her sister.

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