Our Travels, Part 1

 When Pickle was a toddler, I commented to David that when we had potty trained children we would never be home because we would be traveling all. the. time. This need to go and see doesn't stem from my childhood. I didn't grow up traveling. We did a few family vacations and lots of day trips, but nothing like the adventures our girls have experienced or will experience. When I am home I am content. When I am traveling with those I love I am at home.

Now that we have two potty trained children, we have been on the move. It's been tiring and energizing. Exciting and overwhelming. Memorable and routine. This year includes a lot of travel for us. David has several work related trips. I am taking a couple mommy getaways. As a family we are exploring near and far.

End of April saw us in the Twin Cities. We met up with some childhood friends of David's and their family. They too are a traveling family. So every year to year and a half we try to meet up, catch up, and explore together. It's becoming a fun little tradition. Plus, because they are more experienced in this area (having traveled more frequently and for longer) we pick their brains endlessly for tips and tricks. :-)

We visited the Science Museum of Minnesota, the Works Museum, Pizzeria Lola, and Como Zoo. Our family of four took some time to visit the Betsy Tacy Houses in Mankato, the Fantasy Flight Game Center, and the Conservatory at Como Park. Several places were spots David and I had visited a year ago on our anniversary trip and thought the girls would enjoy.

While the trip was a great success, it also had it's challenges. Sweet Potato got sick on the way to the airport necessitating an outfit change. Pickle had an accident and I got sick after one of our meals. We also had a mixed bag of weather. Sunny one day, rainy and chilly the next, and even snow the day we left. None of these incidents were aggravating or hard to handle, but they were unexpected and provided a a different spin on adventuring. It isn't all roses and sunshine when we travel, but the bumps along the way only serve to make it more memorable.

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