Our Travels, Part 2

Three short weeks after our Minnesota trip, we packed our bags again and headed to the Pacific Northwest. This marked the first time I, Kristin, had ever been to the West Coast. (It was the first time for the girls too.) For years I've heard people rave about the unique beauty of the PNW, now I finally agree. The weather was superb. In six days we only had one day of clouds and rain. Every other day was sunny, warm, and gorgeous. The Cascade Mountains looked too picturesque- almost fake- as though someone had pulled down an oversized backdrop.

During our week in the Seattle area we hiked, visited the Museum of Flight, took a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island, toured the Bloedel Reserve, and explored Woodland Zoo.  While all of these adventures were memorable, the highlight for all of us was visiting with Uncle Stix. Stix went to LeTourneau with David and despite living across the country is still very much apart of our group. Over the years he has travelled to hang out with us and we finally got to visit with him in his home.

We got to see the much talked about fire table (including making s'mores), the amazing garage/heart of his home, help build a Lego X-Wing set, and... I may have organized his pantry. :-) Sweet Potato described Uncle Stix's house as "fluffy". Indeed, he bought a very fluffy blanket for the girls bed, and his carpet and microfibre couch feel luxurious, but I think the mat outside the shower sealed the fluffy description. There were also plenty of snails for the girls to be mesmerized by and a porch swing. Neither of them wanted to leave. Truth be told, David and I weren't keen to either. However, we're fairly certain Stix is glad to have his house, fluffy and all, back to himself. He was a great host, a dearer friend, and we are so grateful he let us invade. We'll be back.

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