Happy Birthday Pickle!

It has been 5 years since you stole our hearts. Dear Sweet Pickle, you have the most expressive eyes and cheerful spirit. You love to sing, dance, and are always ready for adventure. Lately, you have taken to explaining things so matter of factly and with such conviction (even when you are wrong) that "Little Professor" seems like an apt new nickname. You are enamored by typewriters, scared of bugs, and love math- to the point of not being able to settle at bedtime without first completing several math problems. You and your Nuggle Bear remain nearly inseparable. Cooking, reading recipe books, and trying new foods is also an area of interest and one you seem to be exploring wholeheartedly. We appreciate the fruits of your kitchen experiments and look forward to you learning new techniques! God has gifted you with a nurturing spirit, a prayerful heart, and joy in problem solving.

Our family was made complete when you were born. We pray that your heart remains soft to God's leading and that He would grow you into the woman He has created you to be. We love you Pickle! 


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