Happy Birthday Sweet Potato!

Sweet Potato, on this your 8th birthday we want you to know just how much you make our family unique. Your heart is so sensitive, caring, aching for those who are hurting. We have witnessed how you care for widows, how you gently interact with those with various disabilities, how you seek out the new kid at church or play with younger children on their level. What a privilege to be your parents! Your deep abiding love of reading and exploring between the pages of books continues to surprise and humble us. May you also continue to give attention and thought to spiritual matters and relish in learning God's Word and cherishing hymns. In this last year, your sense of humor has developed, you're taking more responsibility, establishing good habits and building trust with those in authority. 
This year has also been marked by new experiences. You've continued your learning and enjoyment of astronomy and greatly enjoyed participating in Curator Club. The tooth fairy seems to visit every few months which means you physically have changed your looks. Thanks to Kay See you have been able to learn a bit of Chinese. Other new pursuits have included trying to ice skate, becoming more comfortable on a bike and in the pool, and zip lining like a pro!

Over the past few months, you've struggled with feeling different and have struggled to find the words to express your frustrations and concerns. Let us tell you once more, you are different. God made you exactly who He needs you to be. There is no other Sweet Potato. He will use your differences for His glory. And while it is hard to understand right now, while it feels like you are being left behind or left out from friendships, one day, my dear girl, you will be grateful for these experiences. Your tribe will come. Have faith. Be patient.

We love you dear girl. Remember: You're never to big to hug or to kiss. 

Mama and Papa


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