The Characters (or About Us)

The Grown-Ups
I am a daughter of the King, a knitter, a food lover, a wife to a superhero husband, mommy to two glory babies and one Sweet Potato and one Pickle. I have degrees in English and Library Science and delight in kid's lit! I dislike doing laundry and cleaning bathrooms, but I love a clean house. Clutter drives me nuts and living simply is a daily goal. I enjoy reading, road trips with my husband, and laughing loud and long. Oreos and Wilbur chocolate buds are my vices. My obsessions revolve around yarn and the sea.

My super-hero helper husband David is a university librarian by day and a lego builder by night. Our basement is filled with lego of all sorts in various stages of construction or deconstruction. He's also a great fan of interesting board games. [Think European board games, not Monopoly.] He rocks at laundry, bath time, dishwasher unloading, and listening. He really dislikes mowing the yard, but does so to make me smile. God has blessed him with the ability to articulate my feelings in coherent thought. For this one trait alone, I am a blessed woman. David loves Sonic's Coconut Cream Pie Milkshakes and loves himself a good bar-b-que!

The Kids 
Petunia was conceived during the summer of 2008 and went home to be with Jesus September 5, 2008--a month after we discovered we were pregnant.

Pumpkin was conceived shortly before Thanksgiving and went home shortly there after. We officially said good-bye on February 5, 2009.

Sweet Potato is our blue-eyed, curious little girl.  Tabitha loves Star Wars, playing imagination, helping in the kitchen, LEGO time with Daddy, and adventures with friends. She frequently can be found wearing ladybug wings and reading in a blanket nest. She is our picky eater and has never gone to sleep willingly.

Pickle is our grey-eyed, pixie. Caroline came early and with great haste. As she has grown, her personality is revealing her to be a lover of cuddles and purpose. Her current passions include shoes, baby dolls, foraging for cheerios and goldfish, and helping to clean-up. She eats just about anything and loves to sleep.

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